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4th Annual taking the World by Storm Soccer Clinic Susan Bomilla is hosting this event. The clinic will focus on improving the girls' individual techniques, while also building teamwork skills through small sided games. The small group format of the clinic will allow the participants to receive personalized feedback from California Storm players. After the clinic there will be a photo opportunity for the attendees with the Storm players. More information and sign-up information can be found at Susan Bonilla’s web site Mike Kirwan Photography will be covering this event and providing photo opportunities for participants and the California Storm soccer players. Please join me in the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night® Walk funds therapies and treatments that are saving lives every day. Friends & family, children & seniors, neighbours & co-workers all have the power to walk to the end of cancer! If you are interested in joining our walking team or would like to sponsor our team please let me know. All are welcome. The walk starts at Civic Park in Walnut Creek at 7:00 PM on October 25th 2014. It is a short walk just short of 2 miles and suitable for all ages. Real estate photography taken by a professional photographer can reduce the number of days the property is on the market as well ensuring the asking price is met or exceeded. Many Realtors question the value of hiring a professional photographer and are not convinced there is a positive return on investment; to this end, many Realtors take photographs of their listed property with either amateur cameras or lenses and even with their smart phones. In fact I have seen Realtor training material that points out the benefits of using an iPhone and encourages their use. The main problem with using amateur equipment or an iPhone/iPad is while the images may look OK, the lenses are not corrected for distortion. This distortion, typically barrel distortion shows up with bowed door frames, walls that are not truly vertical. How many times have you seen photographs of listings with buildings leaning backward? In addition many amateur cameras and iPhones in particular, cannot adjust for the wide exposure variations encountered when taking photographs of interiors. Many would say this is acceptable and good enough is good enough. But these photographs are a reflection on both the reputation of the Realtor and the seller. I have met with a number of sellers that have been appalled with the quality of images released to MLS and the web at large as they are not doing their property justice So what value does a professional photographer bring to the table? The professional will approach the assignment as if he/she is taking a “portrait” of the property, not just some snaps of the inside and outside. This means the photographer will seek out the vantage points to best show the property, ensure the exposures of all images taken show off the detail, are correctly exposed, have a consistent and accurate color balance and are geometrically correct. To do this correctly the professional photographer will have made a significant investment in equipment. A professional grade camera is around $3,000, a professional wide angle lens around $2,000, tripod with a leveling head in the region of $1,500. Why is this information important? It shows the professional is concerned with delivering high quality images to their clients; this simply cannot be achieved using a smartphone, or cheap amateur camera with a kit lens. Many Realtors are enamored with the fad of High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. This was very much a fad in the world of artistic photography, while it was novel at the time, its popularity has faded due to the effect being overdone with the images looking unnatural, looking like paintings or cartoons. With Real Estate Photography HDR techniques can be a boon for photographers to be able to capture detail in the brightest highlights and the darkest shadows often encountered when taking interior photographs. The truly professional photographer will use this technique but will ensure the images look both natural and pleasing. As the Realtor representing the seller, you should be highly critical how you advertise the listed property. You work hard to make sure the description of the property and surroundings are both accurate and grammatically correct, so why skimp on the visual image which is showcasing the property you have committed to sell?
Saturday October 25th Leukemia & Lymphoma Light The Night Charity Walk
Saturday July 26, 2014 - 4th Annual taking the World by Storm Soccer Clinic
Sunday, July 20, 2014 - Professional Photography Makes a Difference in the Sale of Your Home


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